Getting from Singapore

Port Dickson can easily be reached from Singapore by road. Travelling by car or bus is the primary way of getting to Port Dickson as it is well connected by roads to major towns in Negeri Sembilan, including Seremban, and even Malacca via the coastal road. The nearest airport is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang while trains only go to Seremban, where you hop on a bus of taxi to PD.

Port Dickson is one of the nearest beach destinations to Singapore, which is why it enjoys a high number of visitors from the island nation. From Singapore, visitors coming by car need to drive across the Causeway and head up north from Johor Bahru on the North-South Highway towards Kuala Lumpur. At the Port Dickson exit, turn right and you're well on your way to Port Dickson. By bus, Singaporeans can also take a coach from Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru or from Lavender Street in Kalang Baru towards Seremban. From Seremban, hop on another bus that heads directly to Port Dickson.

Alternatively, they can take a train take the train from Tanjung Pagar and do the same once at Seremban. There are no airports in Port Dickson, but tourists can fly over to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and take a taxi direct to Port Dickson. You can also ride a bus to Sungai Pelek in Sepang and then grab the local bus that goes to PD. The journey time from Singapore to Port Dickson is between 3-4 hours by car or bus, over a distance of 300 km. Visitors coming from Malacca can travel up through the coastal trunk road past Pasir Panjang and Tanjung Tuan at a distance of 60 km.
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