Satay can be found throughout every state in Malaysia, in restaurants and on the street, with hawkers selling satay in food courts and Pasar malam. While the popular kinds of satay are usually beef and chicken satays, different regions of Malaysia have developed their own unique variations of satay. Sate is often associated with Muslim Malays of Malaysia Indicative of the melding of cultures, pork sate is also available at non-halal Chinese eating establishments in Malaysia.

There are a number of well-known satay outlets are in Kajang, Selangor which is dubbed the Sate City in the country. Sate Kajang is a generic name for a style of sate where the meat chunks are bigger than normal and the sweet peanut sauce is served with a dollop of fried chili paste. Hence, Sate Kajang is now found through out Malaysia and not just in Kajang. Sate Kajang Haji Samuri is very popular in Kajang as well as throughout Malaysia. This is currently the most well known chain of Kajang satay restaurants. Sate Kajang Haji Samuri offer chicken sate, beef sate, deer sate, rabbit sate, fish sate and many other variants.

A variation of the meat satay is the satay lok-lok from Penang and satay celup (dip satay) from Malacca. Both are Malaysian Chinese twists of the hotpot and the Malay satay. Raw meat pieces, tofu pieces, century eggs, quail eggs, fish cake pieces, offal or vegetable pieces are skewered on bamboo sticks. These are cooked by being dipped in boiling water or stock. The satay is eaten with a blackish sweet sauce with or without chili sauce. If the satay is eaten with satay sauce, it is called satay lok-lok. If the satay is cooked with boiling satay peanut sauce, it is called satay celup. This is available either from street vendors or at certain restaurants. Most of them are non-halal. Customers use a common container containing boiling stock to personally cook their satay. Sauces are either served in common containers or individually. There are no tables when you eat at street vendors and thus customers enjoy the food standing around the food cart.

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