Port Dickson Seafood

There was a time when fresh seafood was abundant in Port Dickson. That was long long ago when I was still a little boy. There were big fat crabs practically crawling along the swamps all for the taking. Maybe it’s because of the uncontrolled takings or maybe due to the rapid developments along the coastline, seafood in Port Dickson these days are not entirely from the seas of Port Dickson.

The only time you can really lay your hands on good and freshly caught seafood is during the wee hours of the morning when the fishermen comes back from their night long net-tings. Even then, there will always be a big crowd fighting over the limited catch. Under such circumstances, you can imagine the price of local fresh seafood.

Many visitors coming to Port Dickson will imagine that seafood here are the freshest because it is a sea side town. however, local seafood restaurants can only get limited supply and only those who has good relationships with the local fisherman will get regular. but limited supply. There is simply not enough to go round. Thus most seafood restaurants sells seafood from neighboring fishing towns like Tanjung Sepat. Actually there are no worries, as these seafood are also freshly caught.

A small reminder though. prices of Seafood in Port Dickson can go up ridiculously during peak seasons like school holidays or long weekend breaks. This is the time when this little town will be packed with holiday seekers and some unscrupulous restaurant owners will take a chance to cut your throats. As most other restaurants will be packed, the most you can do is to show the boss the most sour face you can put up and tell him you will never be coming back to his restaurant the next time you are in Port Dickson.
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