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Portdickson Cuisine

Port Dickson Seafood

There was a time when fresh seafood was abundant in Port Dickson. That was long long ago when I was still a little boy. There were big fat crabs practically crawling along the swamps all for the taking. Maybe ...


Satay can be found throughout every state in Malaysia, in restaurants and on the street, with hawkers selling satay in food courts and Pasar malam. While the popular kinds of satay are usually beef and chicken ...

Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar is a Malaysian  and most of the South East Asian countries dish of fish or other forms of seafood  grilled using charcoal. The word literally means "burnt fish" in Malay. ...
岘港(越南语:Đà Nẵng)是越南的第三大城市
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