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Seri Menenti & Royal Museum

Seri Menanti Old Palace  is one of the famous landmarks in Negeri Sembilan. It is a timber palace constructed between 1902 to 1908. Today, the palace has been turned into a royal museum. This four-storey building is special because it was constructed without using any nails. Hardwood rods were instead used to piece the timber together. The roof of this palace represents a buffalo's horns. The buffalo horns are widely regarded as the protective symbol of the palace.

The magnificent five-storey Sri Menanti old palace was built in 1902 to replace the original traditional palace, which was razed in 1875 by British soldiers during the Sungai Ujong war. Designed and built by two local craftsmen and carpenters, Tukang Kahar and Tukang Taib, the wooden palace or "Istana Lama" (old palace) was originally built without the use of a single nail or screw, and the whole complex was completed in 1908.
Built entirely of hardwood timber extracted from the forest, the building features 99 pillars to denote the 99 warriors of the various united clans of the state, with the pillars carved in intricate Malay gold flower motifs. The front has a long breezy balcony and the main pillars reach the top centre tower at about 21m high.
This building is probably the tallest existing traditional all-timber structure in the world. The palace was the official residence of the Negeri Sembilan royal family until 1931 when it was found to be inadequate for the growing functions of the state. It now houses the Royal Museum. The complex is often the venue and subject of study and research among students and professionals in architecture and traditional Malay arts. It is currently in the process of consideration as a UNESCO world heritage site.

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