Ostrich Farm

Drop by the Jelita Ostrich Farm in Seremban or the PD Ostrich Farm in Port Dickson to take a close look at these huge birds. Enjoy feeding the ostriches or watch other animals such as turkeys, rabbits and horses. The souvenir shop in the PD Ostrich Farm offers a range of rare and exotic products like Ostrich leather wallets and handbags, Ostrich feather dusters and a café serving healthy and delicious food items made from Ostrich meat like burgers and dried meat.

The PD Ostrich Show Farm is located on Mile 9, and provides some much needed wildlife attraction in Port Dickson. While it is predominantly an ostrich farm, visitors and tourists to this park can see other types of large birds, including peacocks, peasants, jungle fowls and emus. For some weird reason or simply to increase the number of animals, a large number of domesticated turkeys and chickens roam around the farm freely.

The ostriches, on the other hand, are housed inside open-air paddocks shaded by large trees. You can purchase bird feed to feed these magnificent birds but do be careful, as some of them are not very friendly and will not hesitate to peck you. For adults below 75 kg and children, there is even a small circuit where you ride on an ostrich going around in circles, after paying a small fee. Other animals on display in the park include monkeys, rabbits, goats and even crocodiles. Families and children can take photos with a large pig tailed macaque ('Beruk') named Abu, which is actually a tame female monkey. The souvenir shop on the premises sells products made from ostrich, such as eggs, oil, feather dusters and leather items. The restaurant in the farm specialises in ostrich satay, which are a traditional kebab.

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