Lukut Fort

Built in 1847 to quell the rising tension amongst immigrants over control of the lucrative tin trade in the area, Kota Lukut is a prominent historical site located on top of Bukit Gajah Mati. Visitors can get a bird’s eye view of the sleepy town of Lukut from the pinnacle of the fort, as well as explore its illustrious ruins.

The Lukut Fort, also called Kota Lukut, was once a mighty castle north of Port Dickson that was used by Bugis warriors to safeguard the tin mining trade. It was managed by a warrior called Raja Jumaat who fought many battles from this fort. Today, little remains of this once powerful fortress. What was once walls of stone with buildings inside is now a field of grass and trees with some brick remnants, a well and an empty moat.
The fort grounds are located on top of a hill, and resemble a recreational park area. A few thatched huts and watch towers have been built that provide a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Monkeys can be found in the dozens, rummaging through rubbish bins and terrorising visitors.

Location: From Lukut town head in the direction of Port Dickson municipality. Along the way you will see signs for Kota Lukut & Muzium Lukut. After passing a Shell petrol station turn right into the first lane and head up this small road for about 800m.

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