Army Museum

The Army Museum is just 8 km away from Port Dickson, being located right next to the Malaysian military base in Kem Si Rusa, which can be reached from a turn-off at the main road that runs along the beach areas. Also known as 'Muzium Tentera Darat', this military museum traces the history of the Malaysian armed forces and their exploits during the war along with achievements. An old military plane sits at the entrance, greeting visitors.

By the quality of exhibits and the well ordered structure of the museum, it is evident that much care and money has gone into its construction. On the sprawling museum grounds sits a stone and fountain monument dedicated to soldiers who served through Malaysia's war history. A series of marble pillars with a triangular tip point skywards, etched on the stones are names of soldiers fallen in battle. The highest pillar which sits in the middle of the fountain has a pole which raises the Malaysian flag called 'Jalur Gemilang'. Surrounding the monument are several military planes, jets, helicopters, tanks and artillery guns. Some of the decomissioned vehicles can actually be explored from the inside out, which children will enjoy doing with the armoured cars and tanks.

Two main buildings house the exhibits and galleries, which offer visitors a fantastic trip through military history complete with guns, equipment and gear. The various halls and rooms display the clothing worn by fighters and soldiers in various periods of Malaysian history, such as world war II, the communist insurgency and Sultanate dynasty, framed in life like dioramas. The displays highlight the military achievements while explaining about that particular piece of history. There's even a section dedicated to the Malaysian soldiers who fought in the 'Black Hawk' incident. Outside lies a nice surprise; a tunnel has been built under the two main buildings which simulate those used by Communist soldiers in the past. Inside the tunnel are even more displays of weapons and equipment along with dioramas of soldiers engaged in various war time events. Entrance for all visitors is free.

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